Banking product sales recording system

: Completed


The Company which is part of the banking group which offers professional advice to its customers and comfort in finance management. It cooperates closely with major banks in Poland and in the world.


Our task was to help the Client increase the functionality of their existing CRM system. This system supports all processes of managing its relationships with customers, and taking into account the international activities of the Client, it had to meet a number of requirements in terms of usability, effectiveness, and operational security. In addition, our Analysis Team helped in developing a new and more effective sales business model. Due to the complexity and number of projects managed by the Client, it was crucial to maintain efficient communication within the team and the division of works based on clearly defined goals and objectives for each team member.


The first stage of our work was to conduct a comprehensive audit, together with an assessment of the current manufacturing process. In this way, we could learn more about the needs and expectations of our Client and propose a solution perfectly tailored to their needs. As a result of the audit, we identified specific solutions in terms of project management methodology, i.a. we proposed the inclusion of the role of Analyst and Tester into projects, or for example, to organize meetings according to a fixed Schedule in order to discuss the status of performed works and plan further steps. The effectiveness of this solution was possible thanks to our extensive experience in working with agile methodologies and proven best practices that have been determined and implemented by our project teams. Our team of analysts conducted an analysis of the current business model of sales and recommended specific measures enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the CRM system.


  • Thorough analysis of the CRM system let us accurately define the issues in place and plan the most effective solutions.
  • Improved effectiveness of the business model of sales, resulting in measurable benefits to the Client in the form of higher profits from sales of sold services.
  • Increased efficiency of project meetings which ensures a faster execution time and lower project costs.
  • Transfer of the company’s know-how in running projects in accordance with agile methodologies.


ASP.NET Web Froms & .NET 4.0 & C# 4.0, ASP .NET (SOAP) Web Services (asmx),  T-SQL, Entity Framework 4+ , log4net, HTML 4, CSS 2.1, JavaScript + JQuery + JQuery UI