Development of a new accounting system architecture

: Completed

Business need

Within our collaboration, our task was to develop a new architecture of the bank accounting system. The implementation of flexible bank product management tools was supposed to ensure the reduction of internal costs.


Our company performed an audit of the current state of information systems of the Client, and we proposed the development of a system based on completely new architectural assumptions. We designed a solution using an innovative approach based on multi-layer architecture with the use of the integration bus (SOA – service-oriented architecture). The new solution was fully integrated with the existing solutions in the bank through the queuing mechanism, whilst ensuring the possibility of flexible expansion with additional services related to transaction service in all branches of the bank.


  • Implementation of a new solution based on modern and flexible architecture.
  • Reduction of service costs


  • Apache Struts, Java Server Pages, Java Servlets
  • IBM WebSphere
  • J2EE, Enterprise Java Beans
  • Oracle Advanced Queueing
  • Oracle Database