Development of the business documents repository

: Completed

Business need

Usually, during the meetings of the Supervisory Board, business documents were distributed to members of the meetings via e-mail by the Assistant, with all the required documents attached. This, however, engaged an additional number of people and limited access to the necessary documentation. The aim was, therefore,  to develop a common repository enabling many people at a time to access what they needed and work with documents.


The platform we created allows you to place the documents in the corporate repository, where they can be downloaded by the members of the Supervisory Board. The system enables secure remote work with materials and allows you to search them by content. In addition, versioning of the same document is possible.


  • Facilitated access to documents.
  • One place to store all company materials.
  • Time savings.


GWT, SmartGWT, Java Servlet, Jasper Reports, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Apache Lucene, Aspose.Total for java, JDBC 4, Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL