Electronic toll collection system

: Completed


The central government authority  which controls and supervises compliance with the law in force on the performance of road transport and non-commercial carriage of passengers and goods.


Our task was to create and maintain an ICT system that supported business processes of the unit dealing with electronic toll collection. The system was to support the handling of administrative proceedings and related formal documents. It was also important to integrate the created system with the existing systems supporting effective operations of the public administration authority.


The system allows you to produce electronic documents and organize their formal circulation along with recording shipping documents and monitoring the status of delivery of these documents to the recipients. The system also integrates with KTS Kapsch system (supporting the infrastructure monitoring vehicles and the toll payment on roads). Additionally, SEPO integrates with the CEPiK system, acquiring data on vehicles and drivers, as well as the CEN system in terms of data on mobile checks that have been performed and issued decisions. As part of ourproject work, we also develop applications that support the management and administration of the whole application and SOA – SEPO Servicer environment. The run time environment  of business processes uses our own solution called Workflow.


  • Introduction of the functionality of electronic circulation of documents.
  • Improved handling of administrative proceedings (faster decision process and possible enforcement of penalties).
  • Solution integrated with other systems that support vehicle monitoring.


SenchaGXT, Google Web Toolkit, WaveMaker, JBoss jBPM, Console, JSF RichFaces, Komponenty EJB 3.0, JBoss jBPM 7.3., Spring Framework, EJB components,  JBoss Web Services, JBoss Riftsaw BPEL, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (RDBMS), Hibernate ORM.