Group insurance service system

Branch: Insurance

: Completed


The project involved the execution of works in cooperation with the largest IT company in Poland for one of the insurance companies specializing in group insurance services.


The Insurance Company, which is in the forefront of insurance companies in Poland, decided to implement a modern system to support their products. As a result, they wanted to have an opportunity to better manage the range of services they offered. Our task was to co-create from scratch a solution that would support the entire process of handling group insurance.


We helped to develop a modern solution made in JEE technology, providing comprehensive services for all processes related to group insurance. The system allows you to manage a wide range of insurance products, such as: protection insurance, protection insurance with an investment option, medical packages, employee pension schemes, and individual continuations. One element of the solution is also a portal for the field employees of the Insurance Company and access to products for policyholders.


  • Easy and transparent way of handling all insurance products.
  • Reduction of costs by optimizing the business processes in place.
  • Accessibility of solutions allows the use by the field force of the Insurance Company.


Smart GWT, Spring, Hibernate, Hades, Quartz, CXF, Jenkins, Gerrit, Git, TestNG, JBoss EAP, Microsoft SQL Server.