Integration of the sales process with the external customer service system

: Completed

Business need

Our Client specializes in providing loans to individual customers through stores selling in installments. By default, store staff enter data directly into the banking system. In the case of the strategic partners of the bank, store staff enter data into their customer service system, and then, real-time data is transferred to the banking system.


As a result of analysis that was performed together with the Client, our Company designed and implemented a new system dedicated to managing the loan granting process through the customer service system of RTV-EURO-AGD chain stores. Thanks to tight integration, the banking system exchanges data with the Partner’s system in real time, providing the performance of all stages of loan granting within a few minutes. Since the end of the implementation, our Company has provided administrative support and handled service requests for the main information systems of the bank.


  • integration of information systems of the bank with external systems.
  • reduction of client service time to a minimum .


IBM AS/400, IBM WebSphere, IBM DB/2