Non-wage benefit purchasing system

: Completed

Business need

Our Client expected us to create and implement a cafeteria system which was intended to replace the existing system. The purpose of the application was to allow end-users to purchase non-wage benefits (coupons, cards, financing within the assigned limit). The recipient would be able to give access to the application to their clients and their employees.


The solution we proposed aimed to support and become a central tool of the selection and reporting of non-wage benefits. The architecture of the developed system was supposed to allow its high configurability and adaptation to specific client requirements.


  • System flexibility
  • Remodelled approach to benefits handling
  • Optimization of Product Managers’ work to let them handle more clients
  • Centralized location to choose non-wage benefits freely (coupons, cards)
  • Centralized location for reporting and procurement of services
  • Possibility of sharing applications with clients and their employees
  • Use of modern technologies that ensure the reliability of the system


Java, PostgreSQL, Git, Gerritt, Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, Hibernate, Liquibase