Portal for handling insurance and investment products

Branch: Insurance

: Completed

Business need

The portal was to enable the customers of the Insurance Company to have 24/7 control of their products and provide a responsive channel of performing financial operations. On the other hand, by providing such a tool, the Insurance Company wanted to increase the transparency of the services offered, and above all, the quality of customer service. The solution we developed was to serve not only the clients of the Insurance Company, but also the employees of the Department of Funds Management and the call center, supporting the processes of customer service as well as conversion and transfers ordering. Therefore, the portal had to provide comprehensive management of a client portfolio, also taking into account the rules of the new products introduced into the offer of the Insurance Company.


This solution is a specialized system that gives one an insight into the current account of a customer which operates on a vestibular EWV base dedicated to client systems integrated with a central SWV transactional system. The application was made in multilayer technology and uses all the patterns of skeletal Java technology solutions. The Portal uses Rich Internet Applications technology, and it was implemented using AJAX approach, facilitating the development of responsive web applications designed for the purposes of storing the current status of the user-system interaction.


Thanks to our solution the Client obtained a new electronic channel to handle transfers and conversions on investment accounts, thus relieving agents and thereby optimizing the number of the centre operations related to the entry of data transmitted in an analog way. What is more, optimization significantly simplifies the tasks related to customer service.


Java, Spring Framework, JSP, JQuery, Hibernate, Oracle 11G, Jasper Reports