Reconstruction of the system designed for farmers’ rehabilitation benefits management

Branch: Insurance

: Completed

Business need

The aim of the project was to restructure the system designed to process applications for the rehabilitation of farmers and their family members. The system processes approx. 30 000 documents per year and is managed by 180 employees in 16 regional offices and headquarters. Numerous legal changes determine the constant evolution and expansion of the system.


We provided 3-year technical assistance and completed development works to ensure the alignment of processes and data with the everchanging status of laws regulating the activities of the Client. Within our cooperation, an audit was performed to verify software and documentation, and we designed the architecture of the new system version. It was integrated into the workflow system and supplemented with the new required functionalities.


Ensured continuity of the rehabilitation benefit management system.

Continuous compliance of the system with changes in the law.


GWT, JavaScript, Servlet, Java .6, Spring Framework, Oracle 9.x, PL/SQL, Jobs – Dbms_jobs