Support for system of recording and settlement of electrical energy supply

: Completed


The leader on the Polish market in the production and supply of electrical energy for homes and businesses. The Company is listed on the Stock Exchange.


Our Client wanted to support the systems that managed the strategic services they provided, recording of purchase/sales orders to the Polish Power Exchange (TGE), and the settlement of electrical energy supply. The first system was necessary to conduct business on a scale much larger than before (getting listed on TGE and trading in electricity, gas, and property rights). However, the other system was designed to facilitate recording and settlement of the supplied electricity, which had normally been very time-consuming.


The proposed solutions allowed to move the settlement data from the spreadsheets into a professional accounting system. Thanks to the technology, it became possible to report invoices, account receivables, or keep inventory records. The functionalities we implemented met the requirements of not only the Financial Supervision Commission, but also the employees of the department responsible for the settlement/accounting of wholesale distribution.


  • Improved efficiency of the energy supply accounting system (generation of reports, accounting, recording)
  • The system allowed for the registration of purchase/sales orders placed to TGE.
  • Due to the shortening of accounting service time to a few seconds, the quality of services provided by the Client increased significantly.


Java, MSSQL Server 2012, JDBC, Struts 2, Spring, Tomcat, Jasper Report.