Support of the development of a system for order placement and order processing system

: Completed

Business need

The Client wanted to support the migration to the new system, servicing order placements, and managing their processing. The aim of the development of the system was to provide a common interface for all sales channels used in the company. The system was supposed to allow the placement of new orders, as well as enable the maintenance of the existing ones, automatically migrating them to the new model, and it was also expected to integrate with the existing services.


The modularity of the solution was based on the separation of the business configuration of the elements of the offer sold by the Client (i.e. Product Catalogue) from the calculation engine for available offers, based on the definitions from the Product Catalogue, methods of assessing the credibility of the customer, already selected elements of the offer, expressed consents, or physical availability of equipment. The sales interface created in Adobe Flex technology provided for the possibility of being embedded in other applications (GUI Wyrocznia). The order processing engine was designed based on jBPM processes (Order Management system) while providing GUI for their monitoring. Cross-system communication was ensured using the ServiceMix integration platform. Order queuing  and asynchronous support based on SQL Server Service Broker.


  • Sharing sales channels (points of service, call center).
  • Independence and flexibility of the configuration of available offers managed by the business.
  • Asynchronous processing of orders based on defined processes.


Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Adobe Flex, jBPM, Apache ServiceMix, Sql Server Service Broker, MS SQL Server