System for the insurance product sales by the bank

Branch: Insurance

: Completed

Business need

The merger of two entities meant that one of its goals was to offer a new product in a new sales channel. The new sales channel was a network of bank branches and the products were insurance – investment products offered to VIP customers who had high value  bank deposits, ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million PLN.


Our company participated in the project already at the stage of business analysis. As part of the joint work with the bank and insurance company teams, Isolution developed a technical design and performed its full implementation. The developed product platform automates the cooperation of financial institutions to the maximum extent. The system supports the complete sales process from filling out applications and forms through the exchange of documents and data, and finally, to the integration of financial – accounting and product systems. The system is prepared to work with many banks and to support multiple insurance products.


  • Increased profitability of the bank’s capital through the release of the previously frozen reserves.
  • Additional commission revenue for the bank from the sale of foreign products.
  • significant increase in the sales capacity and volume of the insurance company.
  • Increased satisfaction of the customers who avoided the taxation of their savings income.


  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Jasper Reports
  • JBoss
  • Java Enterprise Engine (JEE)
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Oracle Database