The development of the group insurance services system

: Insurance

: Completed

Business need

Our Client decided to create a single, centralized system that supports group family insurance services, continued individually. The system they used before was distributed and made in technologies, which are now becoming obsolete. The biggest challenge was the efficient delivery of the newly prescribed functionalities, while retaining the ability to use the old tools until the transfer to the new system was completed.


The solutions we proposed allowed us to move the existing accounting operations of the Insurance Company to the centralized system. By using annealed technology and skillful planning of works, we managed to extinguish dozens of functionalities from the previously active solutions and move them to a uniform system, which operates on the basis of simple integration services.


  • Improved effectiveness of the accounting system
  • Centralized operations of group insurance services which consolidated the work of branches and improved their efficiency
  • Use of modern technology guarantees the reliability of the system


Java, Oracle, Quartz, Spring, Hibernate, Apache CXF, AspectJ, Tomcat