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People-friendly solutions, focused on quality. We do software.

Life is too short to spend in jobs we don’t love. Jurgen Appelo

We care for our people who create software for you.

Development - our vision

Isolution’s strategy

Trust, cooperation, development

Isolution Core

We provide expert services related to the implementation of projects in Java technology. We create products that meet the needs of customers. We implement complex projects, focusing on providing value and quality.

Isolution R&D

We support business development by providing innovative IT services and products. We work on the basis of Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product, using, among others, Machine Learning, Big Data, or IoT.


Startup Processor

We have our own accelerator, designed for both our employees and customers, in which we build and develop products in two areas: IT and HR. Our work is based on agile methodologies and the Lean Startup method.

isolution strategy



Witold Dziemidowicz

Founder & CEO

The most important thing for me in running a business is to evenly meet the needs of customers, employees and the company. A satisfied employee will cater for the client’s needs, a satisfied client about the company’s needs, and a thriving company will take care of the needs of the employee.

„If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your client. It's so simple.” Richard Branson



Piotr Medyński

Founder & co-CEO

For me, the key element of running a business is building a work environment where the employee would like to stay with the company for as long as possible. This is extremely important in our industry. It is our organizational culture and our values that make clients and employees want to work with us. 

„If you organize your company's culture, the remaining issues will resolve themselves.” Tony Hsieh, CEO

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We specialize in:

  • Designing tailored IT solutions

  • Supporting business development through innovative products and services

  • Team Leasing

Our team consists of:

  • - IT architects
  • - Developers
  • - IT analysts
  • - Testers
  • - Project Managers
  • - BI, ML and Big Data Experts

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We believe in

Our organizational culture

Trust, cooperation, development

We are proud not only of what we do, but also of who we are and what organizational culture we build.

We focus on modern management techniques, including the ones based on the Management 3.0 philosophy. Based on our TeamToolbox tool, we develop a culture of mutual appreciation and motivation in our teams.

We respect the need for autonomy and influence over our own work. We value openness. We have an open, clear structure. We care equally for the development of customers, employees and the company.

isolution approach