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Isolution. How do we do it?

Isolution. How do we do it?

Isolution. How do we do it?

IT services

From idea to solution

We provide full support in the implementation of products and projects. From architecture, through project management, analysis, UX, development to tests.

We will advise you on what solution to choose, what technologies to use during the workshops. We will deliver the system you need in an agile and flexible manner.

We implement projects in agile methodologies, starting from scratch or based on our proprietary application framework. In this case, you will easily save 3-6 months of development time and apr. 70-120’000 USD.

Support at any stage of the project

We will support you in the preparation of a part of the system. We have experience working in mixed teams.

Depending on your needs, we provide our best specialists in the necessary scope, from architecture, through analysis, tests, to Project Management.

Our people in your company

Do you need support from specialists in architecture, analysis, testing or Project Management? Contact us.

Cooperation with Isolution means contact with people for whom it is important to build long-term relationships based on the quality of services, trust and commitment.


See us on Clutch!

Are you looking for a technology partner who will support your business? Contact us. We will arrange a meeting and together we can reflect on how we can help you and your company.

IT Product


It is a system for personal data management in company domain systems in accordance with GDPR regulations (RODO).

It is a flexible, customizable tool integrating with company systems in which you can define your own rules.

For every company that:

– has more than 1 system in which it stores and processes personal data
– uses a variety of legal grounds to process personal data
– plans to implement a solution supporting retention and anonymisation processes in the near future
– is aware of the current challenges related to the processing of personal data, but has not yet developed a solution.

GDPR Solutions means, among others:

securing the company’s interests by reducing the risk related to regulations and sanctions resulting from GDPR
central implementation of the right to forget and manage data retention
an automated process of collecting personal data and their processing criteria in all company systems
– whether automating the processes of removing personal data, animating and pseudo-animation of all systems.


Esignaller supports organizations of the private (entrepreneurs) and public sector in implementing the requirements of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council.
The structure of the application allows whistleblowers to submit reports on violations and abuses, as well as handling reports and communication with whistleblowers on the part of the organization, all in an anonymous and encrypted environment in accordance with applicable regulations.

This solution will help you if:
– You are the owner of a company which, under the Whistleblower Directive, must create a communication channel for reports
– You are not able to secure communication with the whistleblower yourself
– You need legal support in the process of implementing statutory changes
– You want to reduce the workload and costs associated with handling incoming requests

On the part of the organization that has an account in the Esignaller application, handling the entire system, individual reporting threads and personalizing information visible to whistleblowers and users is trivial. All this is in one place and only requires selecting the necessary fields and filling them with content.

NO NEED TO INSTALL SOFTWARE – all you need is a web browser and Internet access;
YOU DO NOT NEED TO KEEP IT UPDATED – we as a supplier ensure this;


Teamoolbox is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, a communication and cooperation platform for teams. A tool based on continuous appreciation, feedback and commitment. All in the spirit of Management 3.0 and Agile.

For everyone who wants to:
– increase the level of cooperation in the team
– build a culture based on appreciation and intrinsic motivation
– improve communication
– give employees new benefits tailored to their needs
– monitor and improve people’s job satisfaction
– build a culture of giving yourself feedback on an ongoing basis
– build a company based on values.

With Teamtoolbox, depending on your needs:

– you will improve cooperation and communication in the company

– you will increase commitment and trust in teams

– you will reduce rotation

– you will raise the level of soft skills

– you will answer the needs of the so-called millennials


We support our clients in providing cloud solutions from providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, National Cloud) and therefore we help:
– reduce the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure by up to 50%,
– along with the development and increase in the productivity of the IT team – lists of typical tasks by up to 50%,
– make the organization resistant to establishing a path – reducing the level of unavailability of services by up to 30%,
increasing business agility by facilitating and reducing the costs and risk of experiments.

For any company that:
– wants to focus on business development, while reducing the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure,
– wants to increase business agility by delivering software faster,
increase the level of security and reduce the level of unavailability of services
– ensure development and productivity of IT teams

We will help you choose the supplier best suited to your needs. What can we do for you?
– design and create new solutions based on services available in the cloud
– prepare a plan to migrate selected environments to the cloud
– support you in the process of verifying the legal aspects related to the use of the cloud (compliance)
– conduct a security audit and penetration tests
– extend cloud solutions with our proprietary services:
– data anonymization based on,
– process automation thanks to NewOps.


Does your business work in dozens or even hundreds of environments, and you still grow and need to develop? Did you know that you don’t have to constantly reach for new hardware?

Use the possibilities of NewOps. Automation and optimization of your systems will save you time, resources and money.

NewOps is for you especially if:

  • You work on multiple production and test environments
  • Manage large IT teams
  • Constantly grow the scale of your IT operations
  • Utilize repeatable processes

If the growing scale of your operations forces you to constantly search for infrastructure to host a growing number of production and test environments, it’s time to take advantage of the optimization and automation offered by NewOps. Reduce outlays on your own and rented infrastructure, speed up the operation of applications and systems, improve the efficiency of your systems


Repository and calculation engine created for the insurance industry and e-commerce.

Manageable, centralized, created for algorithms and complex, multi-stage processes dedicated to insurance products.

For the sales network of group insurance and complex insurance products. For product managers and IT teams in insurance companies. It allows you to change the rules in one place and propagate them to all product systems, fully documents the premium calculation processes and reduces the calculation time to milliseconds, while maintaining great accuracy of calculations.

The insurer from the top three of the Polish market, thanks to the use of Gears, has accelerated the process of calculating complex group insurance offers by over 70 times.
Today, it has an advantage over the competition in terms of time-to-market and greatly simplified prototyping of new products.

Case studies

Banking industry project

A project describing how we built the entire ecosystem of web applications, using for this, among others the latest technological stack of Java, Spring and Angular.

Service industry project

A project about how we have transformed the entire company using the Proof of Concept method


IT training

We share our knowledge. In our IT training center, we offer specialized IT training in the field of business process modeling, software engineering and application programming in Java. Our catalog includes over 100 original trainings and workshops.

Are you interested in closed, dedicated training? We will adjust the theme and program to your needs. We will select the right Trainer who will conduct professional training at your chosen place and time. We organize and conduct closed trainings throughout Poland.

Enterprise Architect

Are you looking for UML modeling software? Try Enterprise Architect – a high-quality tool from Sparx System that supports the comprehensive process of software development in a comprehensive manner. We offer license sales and training in the implementation and operation of the system.