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Career. Evolve with us.

Career. Evolve with us.

Career. Evolve with us.


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Currently implemented projects


Our proprietary platform supporting building a friendly work environment.

Banking industry

The entire ecosystem of web applications based on the latest Java technology stack, Angular, Spring.

Agricultural industry

An international project, several applications in the Java stack, work in full SCRUM.

Service industry

ERP class system design and corporate architecture. Micro services, service bus, cloud.


An original tool for managing personal data, integrating with company systems.

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Our recruiters


Responsible for recruiting to the Software Development team.

In recruitment I appreciate good communication, openness and authenticity. I ask questions to understand and answer them so that the Candidate knows what he or she can expect from us. The key is to understand the needs of both parties. I believe that this is possible at the recruitment stage.

After work I like to spend time actively – I run, also in the mountains and ride my bike, preferably in the woods. I also like to develop my passions and interests, among which there are, for example, dragons 😉.

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Our recruiters


Responsible for introducing new people to our team

In recruitment I bet on a good atmosphere. I know how stressful this process can be, and that’s why I care about everyone, who appears at a meeting in our company, allowing to quickly feel like at home 🙂

I get up to work with a smile on my face every single day. I also try to pass this energy on others. I co-create the People & Culture department in the company, responsible for ensuring, that people want to work with us, and that they work in the company, for as long as possible. Thanks to listening and being close to people, I know what we can improve together.

Travel is my passion, I love exploring the world. I believe that thanks to travels, man becomes more open and sensitive to the beauty around us. In my spare time, I am involved in the production of short films, music videos and commercials.

Do not see the right job offer for you? Send us your CV. We'll get back to you as soon as we find something interesting especially for you!

Recruitment process

1 CV analysis

quick feedback what to do next

2 Meeting

immediately, with decision-makers

3 Employment

on convenient terms for both parties

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Our values


Our benefits

We can offer you:

Training budget

For individual use depending on your needs.

English lessons co-financing

A stationary course, online or combined mode to choose from.

Internal training

Every week, once every two weeks, depending on the department.

The cafeteria system

Every month a fixed amount of extra money to use as you want, for example, for medical care, Multisport, insurance.

The competence matrix

Our solution for competence assessment and development used, among others, for completing project teams.


From the famous company Christmas Eve, through board games, LANparty, company barbecues, to integrations trips

Recommendations system

You can choose a one-off payment or a salary supplement for the entire period of work of the registered person.


Books that you need for work and development - at your fingertips. You say, and you have.

Register of solutions

A collection of reusable components. You create solutions that can also be used in other projects.

Mentoring program

The opportunity to acquire knowledge from more experienced people.

Projects’ forum

An original solution that gives autonomy and decision-making in the field of project change.


Every week as part of the application, among others points to use in our own supermarket.

Transparent payroll system

We also value transparency in terms of remuneration.

Agile work methodologies

From Scrum, through Kanban, to good practice. We choose what works best in a given project

Our people about their work with us

Flexible working hours, staff’s development based on Management 3.0 concept – everything in Isolution is available right away. But it is not everything! A culture of appreciation and respect, often unknown elsewhere.

Also, everyone can decide, in which project he or she wants to be involved in! Nothing more to say! Come check it for yourself!

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


Team over personal ambitions

Autonomy over authoritarianism

Development and courage over the status quo

A tailor made motivation over a stick-or-carrot regime

Work consistent with values above profit at any price

Trust and responsibility beyond control

Individualism above the trite approach

Listening above speaking