Pro-societal activities and CSR in ISOLUTION


#cooperation and #commitment are two basic values that guide us in our organization every day. When we talk about values, we think about specific behaviors that accompany us on a regular basis.


As the #IsolTeam community, we engage in various pro-societal and charity activities.


Our key event that has been ongoing for more than 4 years is the Management 3.0. Warsaws meetup, created by Patricia from our People & Culture department, Peter our Project Manager and Peter our chairman. As a part of our non-corporate activity, we engage in creating a community which aims to change the approach to management in organizations and gain knowledge about new trends and solutions with the goal of bringing this management to a different, more effective level. During this time we have organized more than 90 free meetups for people from all over Poland. You can find us on the Meetup platform and on Facebook.

Programmers For Children

Another area that we focus on is sharing on what we know and do best, which is programming. Apart from our knowledge being used in all sorts of commercial projects, we wanted to broaden our impact and create something that could impact children’s dreams. Working after hours in a 3 person team, we created our own program called Programmers For Children (“Programiści Dzieciom”). We believe that sharing knowledge pro bono is an important activity. As part of this program we have trained several children onsite, teaching them the basics of programming.

Into The Bin (“Do Kosza”)

One of the area of life we pay a lot of attention to in our company is ecology. We try to promote this value by segregating garbage and organizing various activities to encourage our employees to take care of our planet. These learnings did not go INTO THE BIN 😊 During our fifth Hackathon in March 2020, our employees created an application that helps users sort waste properly. The app is free and can be found here.

Open Days

Granted the global situation allows, we also organize open days for children from all areas to visit our company and discover what working at an IT company looks like. Our goal is to show that the world of IT covers many areas and that by pursuing a goal a lot can be achieved.


Apart from activities we are physically engaged in, we also support innovative approaches to education based on knowledge from the field of IT, such as EduScrum, promoting the Scrum methodology implementation in schools.

Map of Companies (MAPA FIRM)

We are the creators of the Map of Companies (Mapa Firm). It is an initiative that brings together the best employers who want to distinguish themselves by their organizational culture. We suspended our project at the beginning of the first lockdown due to the difficult times, but we believe that the hardest work has been done and we plan to resurrect our initiative.


But that’s not all… 🙂

Translating books

As part of our #IsolTeam, we decided to make the methods we use in our organization more accessible and together with our employees, especially Peter – one of our testers along with Marcin, a CoodCool participant who became our employee, we translated Jimmy Janlen’s book “Decisions-Making Principles&Practices”, which you can find here.

TeamToolbox Market

The Initiative Market, which we use as part of our company application TeamToolbox, allows us to support not only company CSR initiatives, but also foundations and activities that we ourselves admire. Ones that have been used by our relatives and friends in difficult life situations.


To sum up the year that is coming to a close, we engaged in four major campaigns to support those in need of funds for medical treatment. Through the TeamToolbox app, our employees donated their accumulated appreciation points, which we as a company donated in cash. We support projects submitted by our employees. We helped raise funds for a heart operation for one of our employees loved ones and to support the treatment of another colleague’s daughter.


As part of the #IsolTeam Christmas activities, we supported an orphanage as we have in tradition of doing every year. We took a two-pronged approach to the topic. Funds, which we would normally spend on small gifts for children of our employees (after a mutual agreement with them #autonomy) were allocated to purchase some most needed items for one of Warsaw’s orphanages.


Additionally, our Isol elves prepared a personalized gift from Santa for each child as part of a campaign they coordinated themselves.

We regularly take part in these type of company activities on the occasion of various holidays.


We believe that by performing such gestures together we can change the world around us and show those who need help that they can count on us.